White Halo - 白暈
3rd album

ray of light at dusk - 光芒の明時
abyss of the moonbow - 月虹と深潭
forgivable drown - 赦された投身
glare of the end - 終焉の眩しさ
chain with fetters - 枷
entangled torus - 円環を綯う
turbid fog - 幻霧

Released 2017
Daymare records(Japan)
Moment of collapse(EU)
Translation loss(USA)
Dogknights records(UK)
22 records(Taiwan)
LITHE records(Singapore)

Paraselene - 幻月
2nd album

46x02 - 46x02 anamnesis of critical - 臨界の追憶
morbidity of wihte pomegranate - 罹病は白い柘榴
jade Vine - 翡翠葛
echoic cold wrist - 反響した冷たい手首
halcyon - ハルシオン
butterfly in right helicoid - 螺旋形而蝶
veritas - 真理

Released 2010
SONZAI records(Japan)
DENOVALI records(EU)

Erosion of the black speckle - 黒斑の侵蝕
1st album

manifesto - 声明
filled up with a bruise - 痣で埋まる
intersection arrangement - 交差配列
iron wire and a canary - 鉄線とカナリア
a sublingual tablet - 舌下錠
correlative sign - 相関記号
get out - 脱化
the balance drowned in a white tub - 白い浴槽で溺死した均衡
partiality of luminosity eight - 明度八の偏愛
recursive dependency - 転依
red dream - 赤い夢
erosion of the black speckle - 黒斑の侵蝕

Released 2007
Liberation of butterfly(Japan)
Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records(EU)
Dogknights records(UK) ※2017
Moment of collapse(EU) ※2017


Duplex-coated obstruction - 被覆する閉塞

wound dehiscence - 縫合不全
rusty trace - 錆びた爪痕
39/40 - 39/40
moon get distorted by the cornea - 角膜で月は歪む

Released 2009
DENOVALI records(EU)
Utarid Tapes(Malaysia)


刻光 - split with COHOL

flash of back light - 黒い閃光
the cocoon - 繭
glare of the end - 終焉の眩しさ

Released 2013
Daymare records(Japan)
Moment of Collapse Records(EU)

Asia tour 7inch - split with yumi

white night recrystallization - 白夜の再結晶

Released 2012
Epidemic Records

10inch - split with AUSSITOT MORT

lost title
inversion operation

Released 2011
Denovali Records(EU)

8cm CD - split with killie

The Old World Is Behind(AMPERE cover)
The Jailors Speak Of Freedom(AMPERE cover)

limited 100.Released 2007

Japan tour TAPE - split with CLEAVE

manifesto - 声明
filled up with a bruise - 痣で埋まる

Released 2007

8cm CD - split with TOMATO STEAL

iron wire and a canary - 鉄線とカナリア

Released 2006