heaven in her arms

Hardcore band based in Tokyo.

Their dramatic and profound songs, in which three guitars intertwine with each other in exquisite detail, take the listener into a different world.
In their performances, they overwhelm the audience with their astonishing sound from their 8 cabinets and their awesome performance.

In 2010, they signed a contract with SONZAI RECORDS, which envy presides over, in Japan. The overseas contract was obtained by DENOVALI Records in Germany.
Their second album was released and their unique music received worldwide acclaim.

In 2017, they released their 3rd album "White halo" with Daymare records(Japan),Moment of collapse(Germany),Translation loss(USA),Dogknights records(UK),22 records(Taiwan),LITHE records(Singapore). It has sold over 5,000 copies in total to date, and was highly acclaimed by Pitchfork in the US with a score of 7.7.

During over 10-year career, they has performed with domestic bands such as envy, MONO, and BORIS, and has also toured Japan with DEAFHEAVEN (USA) and RUSSIAN CIRCLES (USA), inviting many overseas bands to Japan. They have also toured in Europe four times, toured in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Asia, and twice in Russia. The band's fan base is growing rapidly worldwide.