CELESTE(France) x heaven in her arms Japan Tour 2019 について

2019 年11 月、heaven in her arms は再びフランスから CELESTE を招聘し、 8 年ぶり 2 回目の日本ツアーを行います。


前回のツアーは 2011 年 5 月。東日本大震災の直後で、そもそもツアーの実施自体が危ぶまれる状況でした。
特に原発事故に関しては海外でも大きく取り上げられており、 CELESTE のメンバー達も家族や恋人、友人達に来日を止められたとのことでした。

このような状況下、ツアーの中止も考えましたが、 CELESTE と何度も話し合い、最終的に彼らは僕らを信じ来日しました。



そんな時、CELESTE の Johan(Vo,Bass)から楽屋裏に呼ばれ、
「お前らが笑ってくれないと俺たちのツアーは完成しない。例えどんな状況でもベストを尽くそ う。」 と言われ、目頭が熱くなったのを覚えています。

その後、ツアーを無事に終え、別れの空港で CELESTE と約束をしました。



About CELESTE (France) x Heaven in her arms Japan Tour 2019

In November 2019, heaven in her arms again invited CELESTE from France to perform the second Japanese tour for the first time in eight years.

So, We will write about this time’s re-invitation, while looking back on the previous tour.

The last tour was May 2011. That was just after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we were in a situation where we did not know that we could do the tour itself.
In particular, the nuclear accident has been widely taken up overseas, therefore the members of CELESTE were also stopped from visiting Japan by their families, lovers and friends.

Under such circumstances, we also considered the cancellation of the tour,
After many discussions with CELESTE, they eventually decided to come to Japan, believing in us.

However, the Sendai performance was canceled because the planner was damaged by the earthquake. There are also other performances that have to be canceled due to the planned blackout.
There were many difficulties in conducting the tour.

Amid such difficulties, We still clearly remember the performance in Nagano, which was decided suddenly.
It was a performance that was decided a few days ago, while the whole of Japan was still in huge despair and confusion.
There was a lot of anxiety when we thought about the upcoming tour, and our members and I couldn’t stop being worried.

At that time, CELESTE’s Johan (Vo, Bass) called us from the back room.
"We will not complete our tour without your smiles. Let’s do our best in any situation."
I remember that my eyes welled up with tears.
And this has become an unforgettable word from then on.

After that, we finished the tour safely and made a promise with CELESTE when we said goodbye at the airport.

"Promise.Let's do it again in Japan in the future"

Now we are finally fulfilling this promise.